Chutney Fish

Chutney Fish


1.avoli/pomfret – 2 big
2.salt – to taste
curry leaves – 2 large pinch
green chilly – 7
turmeric powder – 1/2 teaspoon
oil – to fry the fish
3. malliyila/corriander leaves – 1 cup
garlic- 6 cloves
green chilly – 4
lemon juice- 1/4 cup
coconut scrapped – 1 cup
salt – to taste


Step 1 Wash,clean, pat dry fishes, and give some gashes on it till the knife touches the bone.Marinate the fish with the ingredients mentioned in Number 2 for half an hour.

chutney fish

Step 2 Grind the ingredients mentioned in number 3 and keep it aside.


Step 3 Half-fry both the sides of the fishes.Take it out and let cool.


Step 4 Next, spread the ground mixture on both sides, filling well inside the fish. Bake it at 370 degrees by wrapping the fish in aluminium foil for 20 minutes.




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