Meen Vattichathu

This fish curry can be prepared without much difficulty and without taking much time.It can be used as a side for rice,as well as for kappa vevichathu.yummmmmmmm..

Fish Curry

fish-salmon,neymeen, pomfret – 1/2 Kg
fenugreek – 1/4 tsp
ginger-1/2 inch, chopped
kudampuli-2(soaked in 1/2 cup luke warm water for about 15 minutes.)
turmeric powder-1 teaspoon (for marination)
red chilly powder-1 1/2 teaspoon
curry leaves -a sprig
oil-3 tsp
salt-as required
green chilly-4,cut lengthwise
tomato, puree – 2

For tempering

shallots – 3


Step 1 Clean and wash the fish with water and marinate the pieces with turmeric and salt.In a skillet with oil, put fenugreek. Once it splutters add ginger,green chillies and curry leaves and saute for few seconds.

Step 1

Step 2 Then, put the tomato puree,red chilly powder. Next put in the kudampuli and the water.Let it boil.
Step 2

Step 3 Next, put in the fish pieces and add salt. Keep it closed for about 15-20 minutes/until the fish is cooked.
Step 3

Step 4   For tempering, pour little oil in a pan and saute the shallots for  2-3 mins. Pour this over the curry.



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