Chappati (Indian Flat Bread)

Chappatis are made from a firm dough made from flour,atta & water.Small portions of the dough are rolled out into discs using a rolling pin. The rolled-out dough is thrown on the preheated dry skillet and cooked on both sides.

Ingredients serves 2

wheat flour-2 cups
luke warm water-1 1/2 -2 cups
oil-to sprinkle in between preparing the dough
salt-as required


In a bowl, put in 2 cups of wheat flour.Pour in luke warm water.Add salt and oil in between.Roll it into balls and keep it aside closed for 15 mins. Knead the dough again .Divide it into equal portions and make it into balls.Using a rolling-pin, roll out the dough into a thin,round patty, about 5 inches in diameter. Roll from the center, turning it several times to prevent sticking.While rolling, if it sticks to the roller,sprinkle the flour on top.Next,get it cooked in the pre-heated skillet.When the color changes on the top and bubbles appear, turn it over. When both sides are done, use kitchen tongs to remove the chapati from the skillet.As you cook the chappati/roti, one could be rolling out the next, rather than shaping all of the chappatis at one time.


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