Vella Appam

Appam popularly known as vella appam is one of the favourites among the malayalis. It is sided with duck roast, chicken curry, egg roast, fish molly or vegetable stew. It is made in appa chatti. It is made with rice flour, coconut and rice.


Rice flour- 2 cups (it should be steamed in appa chembu or a steamer.if no steamer is available microwave it by keeping the dish closed for 2-3 min.)
coconut scraped -3/4 cup
rice -1/2 cup
sugar -4 tsp
yeast -5-10 balls


Grind all the ingredients said above in a mixer. After it is done, make sure the batter is stirred with your hand because it is the hand which plays the magic here. Keep it aside for about 8 hrs.

When it is time for making the appams, pour in little water and a pinch of salt.





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